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"I have always had a desire to change the world.  At a young age, I thought that the only way of doing that was if I became prime minister.  Over the course of my years, I have learned that there is more than one way to change it and often, these ways are far better."

Born and raised in West London, Nasser Al-Araimy attended a local comprehensive school where he found interest in debating and public speaking.  Although he lost his first debate at the school, he worked harder and began to win major competitions to become a public speaker.  His developing skills helped him to be elected every single year as a school councillor.  He became more involved with achievement outside of school and was part of the team that won the BAA National Engineering Challenge and the Thames Water Challenge.  


Nasser loved acting and singing. His tuition from his mother, with further help from Stagecoach helped him to achieve a 'Distinction' for his London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts examination.

Nasser was also talented academically, and found a particular love for science.  He went on to perform well in all his exams and gained a place at one of the country's most competitive grammar schools, where he became a founding member of the debating society.

Nasser went on to study Biological and Medicinal Chemistry at university.  During this time, he became a person of considerable influence within the university; a trustee of the Students' Union, president for the largest halls of accommodation (with highly praised achievements), and secretary of the Gilbert and Sullivan society.  After three years, he turned down a recommendation to run for President of the Students' Guild, preferring to return home to his family.

Nasser has worked to support charities in the past, and hopes to do more on his own by eventually setting up his own foundation.  

Nasser is now a science teacher, and still maintains a dream to help heal the world.

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